What to do if your child is off school

Pupil Illness


If you child is too poorly to attend school, please ring before 8.40am and leave a message on the pupil absence hotline, including their name, class and reason for absence. Please ring each day they are poorly.


On return to school, please confirm in writing the reason for your child’s absence, including dates.


We are happy to accept children at school who have coughs, colds, slight temperatures and minor symptoms, or are in the non-contagious stages of typical childhood illnesses like chicken pox.


If your child is poorly you can seek advice by ringing the NHS’s 111 helpline. Alternatively seek advice from a local pharmacist or your GP practice.

Holidays in term time


All requests for holiday absences in term time will be rejected unless you are able to demonstrate exceptional circumstances. Please notify the head teacher in writing of your intentions at the earliest opportunity, and before you go ahead and make a booking. Exceptional circumstances do not include reduced holiday costs.


Please be aware that we are bound by guidance from the Department of Education which states that you can be fined for taking your child on holiday in term time without the school’s permission.

Exceptional circumstances


Please contact us if your child requires time off for any other reason. We are here to support families during times of difficulty.