School Council

The Voice of Franche’s Pupils

We have a thriving school council for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, ensuring the voice of the school population is heard at the highest levels.


The council meets regularly – usually every fortnight – to discuss issues raised in class meetings and through the individual year band’s suggestion boxes.


A notice board in Upper School reception keeps everyone updated about the school council’s meetings and plans.


The council is about to receive its first budget, which pupils are very excited about. They will consider, debate and vote on how best to spend it to the benefit of pupils.


Children stand for election to the council every year and are chosen through a secret ballot – always an exciting and thought provoking time in school, where pupils report to staff that they vote not for their best friend necessarily, but for the person they genuinely believe will represent them the most successfully.


Some of the members of the current 2015 School Council.