Summer Term [2] 2018 Extra-Curricular Programme

For the second half of the summer term, we will continue to offer all Pupil Premium children a voucher towards the cost of a club. Clubs will run for 6 weeks and therefore all Pupil Premium children will be entitled to one free club up to the value of £6. If your child is attending a club that is more expensive than this such as our bike club, Pupil Premium children will be expected to pay half of the overall cost. This is one of many ways that we are using our Pupil Premium funding this academic year. Further details of the way in which the school uses Pupil Premium can be found on our website.

If you think you might be entitled to claim Pupil Premium for your child please check the criteria below and apply at the school office.

 Income Support
 Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance
 Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance
 Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
 Child Tax Credit provided you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) that does not exceed £16,190
 The Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit
 Universal Credit If you think that you are eligible to apply for FSM for your child

Please note the level of support currently available is at the school’s discretion and may differ from one academic year to the next, depending on the uptake and amount of total funding available.




Evening & Weekend Clubs- BOOK DIRECT

Swim Stars O7813389421 Diane Jackson Monday 3.30-7pm Pool
Zumba O7500018780 Louis Oliver Monday 6.45-7.45pm Upper hall
Neptune O7905000408 Tracy Darkes Tuesday 3.45-6.45pm Pool
Neptune O7905000408 Tracy Darkes Wednesday 4-6.30pm Pool
Young Gloves O7786696559 Justin Thomas Wednesday 6pm-9pm Upper hall
Yoga O7973970093 Mark Wrench Wednesday 5.15-8.15pm Lower hall
Swim Stars O7813389421 Diane Jackson Thursday 4-6.30pm Pool
Neptune O7905000408 Tracy Darkes Friday 4-6.30pm Pool
Little ducklings O7805001405 Gemma Dickens Saturday 1-4pm Pool
Swim Stars O7813389421 Diane Jackson Saturday 9-12.30pm Pool
Broadway Dance O1299251346 Liz Broadway Saturday 9-12.45pm Both halls