Within our immersive and inspiring arts curriculum, encompassing a comprehensive enrichment and extra-curricular programme, we endeavour to ensure children explore, investigate and experience a broad range of arts activities.

Through our creative curriculum we encourage children to investigate the lives and work of both local and famous artists. We pride ourselves on the breadth of experiences and visiting professionals that staff and children have the opportunity to encounter during their time at Franche. In addition, this enables children to develop their skills in a meaningful way, intrinsic to and often shaping their other learning whilst also developing their understanding of aspirations within the arts through meeting others or looking at the work of an illustrator or professional musician, dancer or actor for example.

Through process art and use of sketch books to develop and practise ideas, children develop their skills, evaluating, refining and improving their work. Focusing importance on the learning journey ensures that the artistic focus is not solely centred on an end product. In this way, negative feelings around the idea of the perfect picture, piece of music or dance are diminished. Repeating, improving and recording in this way ensures that children will, therefore, take risks, rise to meet challenges and be confidently creative.

This reinforces both our growth mindset manifesto and fosters strong links with personal, social and emotional development. We hope the introduction of the Arts Award will continue to foster this approach and promote the importance of the arts. Music lessons and art workshops also offered, empower children to choose to further develop their skills and to see the arts as an integral and valued part of their learning.

Exemplifying the commitment, enthusiasm and value placed upon the Arts at Franche, shared learning opportunities involving staff, children, parents and carers, as well as the wider community, gives everyone here the chance to engage, enthuse and excel in the Arts. A pupil-staff choir, a pupil-staff band, Parent/Carer workshops and whole school celebration such as Arts Week are just a few examples of the way that the Arts are accessible to everyone at Franche.

As a result of our high standards and dedication to the arts, we have been awarded Artsmark Silver and Music Mark awards and have recently completed training to become an Arts Award centre. We aim to continue aspiration through inspiration, fostering a love of the Arts that permeates throughout the school.


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